Forum launches its very latest product

A UK/Lincolnshire company has created a plastic composite sack for animal feed, charcoal, fastenings and confidential waste that they believe is unique to the market.

Forum Packaging has spent months testing and researching the new plastic “woven” bag and has come up with a blend of printing techniques, glue and raw materials never used in combination before in the packaging market.

The product is also distinctive because Lincolnshire-based Forum Packaging has developed a way of printing directly on the outside surface of the composite. Similar products manufactured abroad involve reverse printing on the underside of the outer layer and bonding it with an inner layer – so the ink sits between the two.

Typically inks used in that process are UV or solvent based, but Forum has perfected a technique using water based inks that can print successfully in combination with the unusual composite substrate. This combined with a unique glue type not normally associated with the packaging industry has produced a product capable of competing with the importers, and strengthening UK manufacturing.

Existing customers in the market have to put up with very long lead times and huge order quantities from the Chinese and Turkish manufacturers in order to secure supply. This ties up capital and reduces their flexibility in the market place. Forum intend to offer much smaller order quantities, more realistic lead times and generally build upon their already respected customer service offering.

Directors at Forum Packaging believe the new product is likely to be targeted, primarily at, animal feed, pet food, charcoal, confidential waste and fastenings . With product weights able to go up to a 25kg capacity and with the option of adding handles on products up to 10kg, managing director Mark Spivey thinks there are many possibilities.  “We are really excited by this project,” he said. “We have been working hard on the materials and the printing techniques for months to make sure we get the best quality product at a competitive price in the market. We are now confident it will be the best in the market and, of course, as a UK company we can provide a much quicker turn-around and flexible orders for existing and new clients.”

The Horncastle-based company, which has a turnover of over £9 million and employs 73 people, prints and converts more than 60 million sacks and bags a year, and has won a string of awards in Europe for its printing capabilities.

This new and innovative product launch adds to the recent success of Forum Packaging’s entry into supermarket flour bags in 2012, where they have grown significantly by offering customers reduced lead times and high levels of customer service.


" Forum is an established business with a long tradition but we are determined to continually look to the future and develop our technology, products and our staff. "

Mark Larner - Product Development Manager

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