Wildflower Planting

With the help and support of Organeco Limited, at the end of 2019, Forum Packaging embarked on an exciting new project to improve the biodiversity and appearance of the site.

Plant diversity is crucial for the maintenance of ecosystems and species preservation, which is becoming of increasing importance in recent years as a sharp decrease in diversity has been seen due to modern agricultural policies and farming practices.

This led to Forum planting a wildflower meadow on the grassy bank along the entrance of the factory and willow along the fence of our solar farm.  With the further aid of installing insect hotels amongst the wildflowers, the variety of plants will attract a number of different insects and invertebrates, such as butterflies, bees, spiders and millipedes, while also looking exceptionally attractive.

Through the installation of  sustainable birdboxes along the trees at the front of the factory, habitats have also been created for small birds such as blue tits and sparrows, all of which can be appreciated by both nearby residents and employees.

For more information on the services provided by Organeco Ltd please visit www.organeco.ltd 

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" Forum is an established business with a long tradition but we are determined to continually look to the future and develop our technology, products and our staff. "

Mark Larner - Product Development Manager

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