Paper Sacks

Pinched Bottom

The only pinch bottom line in the UK catering for customers who need to increase the security of their product. The sack is suitable for flour, building materials, high flow powders, animal feed, potatoes and rice. It delivers a neater finish compared to stitched and block bottom sacks. The line is capable of producing from one to four ply sacks using all our standard papers. This style has many advantages:

  • Flatter profile similar to valve sacks, makes them easier to palletise when filled.
  • Sacks are sealed at your premises by re-activation of hot-melt glue applied at the manufacturing stage.
  • For automatic filling lines, they offer a normal open mouth design, the same as a sewn sack, but without the added complication of a crepe seal that could become a contaminant risk in certain processes.
  • Sacks can be made as a flush cut design – a simple alternative to a double fold bottom sack.
  • Printed in up to 8 colours plus WB varnish/WB high gloss varnish.

Markets we work with

  • Food


  • Rice


  • Potatoes


  • Animal-Feed

    Animal Feed

  • Chemicals


  • Grouts-&-Adhesives


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